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Friday, October 26, 2012

Yeah Baby...$114

It's Friday and ya'll know what that day!!  Today was a little different as I had Ginger with me instead of Boy Oompa.  All the kids got the day off school since my amazing mother-in-law was up visiting from Georgia and we only got one day to spend with her.  MeeMaw trumps school.

Kroger had a a few 10/$10 deals; generic pop tarts, Pepsi, cream cheese, sour cream and our favorite bbq sauce Sweet Baby Ray's.
Meijer's deals; Angel Soft 6 double rolls for $2.40, Thomas Bagels B1G1 working out to $1.90 per pack, chicken thighs $0.99/lb.

Weekly Menu
Orange Chicken and Rice
Pizza and Chips (for Ginger's B-day party)
Baked Potatoes
Chicken Pot Pie
Black Bean Burgers and Fries
Chicken Scampi

Grocery haul this week: $114 even!!

Frugally yours.....Deborah 

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