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Saturday, August 27, 2011

For Posterity's Sake...

My baby girl's first television appearance!!!

from stage left.....Deborah

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I didn't feel the Earth move under my feet....

In case you've missed the news lately, there was an earthquake registering 5.9 in Virginia this afternoon.  Shock waves were felt all the way over here in Ohio.  Apparently by everyone but me!!  I recounted my whereabouts at the time everyone was freaking out and was outside, on my deck, teaching the littlest Oompa about the Beaufort scale for wind speed.  To quote Morales from A Chorus Line, "Nothing, I'm feeling nothing". 

I was totally bummed too!!  It's not like California where earthquakes are a common occurrence.  It would be an experience to be able to say I felt the Earth move.  Really move!!  When you think about what has to happen to create those tremors, large or small, it's really something amazing.  The tectonic plates have been a source of wonder and awe for me since grade school.  The crust of Earth is like one giant, shifting puzzle.  Yea, I'm a geek like that.

Now to make a left at Albuquerque....2 more of my precious hens are laying!!  I collected a grand total of 4 eggs from my coop today!!  I know the 2 Barred Rocks are laying and based on egg color I am certain that 2 of the Buff Orpingtons are now laying too!!  That leaves 1 Buff Orp and the 5 Americanas to get their acts together!! 

Ella-3 year old Barred Rock

Tiffany and Heather-2 Buff Orps
Amber-the 3rd Buff Orp
Americanas-Selma, Cylence and Victoria (not pictured is Cylence's twin-Noise)
Samantha-young Barred Rock
Victoria-the my opinion
On solid ground....Deborah

Friday, August 19, 2011

Melancholy and other fancy feelings....

Today is the last day of our "Week of Relaxation".  Yes, I named a week...I'm a little odd like that.  Summer camp was finally over which left me with one full week with no responsibilities outside our house before the Oompas re-started school.  One full week to sleep in and dork around...which I'm an expert at!!

We spent the week being lazy.  The kids played, we read and even spent an entire day swimming at the beach.  It was glorious.  But, sadly,  it has come to an end.  Today we are ending our fun week on a high!!  A shopping high!!  We'll be heading to the fabric store to buy materials to make new, insulated lunch bags.  We'll be clothes shopping for a few accessories and new bling, bling to start of the school year right.  We'll all be getting haircuts...I for one and am looking forward to this as I have come to resemble Cousin It lately.  Littlest boy Oompa's outlook on this task is bleak...he hates getting his hair cut!

We'll end out evening with a night out on the town, eating at a new Mexican food restaurant and watching movies.  Tomorrow we head to my brother's house for a mass August birthday party.  Seems December was a busy month for all our parents to "get busy"!!  We will be celebrating 5 August birthdays!!  I can hear the music now...bow chicka wow wow.  

After that party we head north to one of Mr. Awesome's friends house for another party.  Yea...we're just cool like that!!  Hopefully, I won't be too partied out to enjoy.  Not sure how the kids will do at this one....they will be the only kids in attendance save another couple's baby.  Note to self....pack a bag with toys and books!!  Sunday will be spent...hopefully, working around the house.  Thus ending my week of relaxation and fun. 

It seems that summer came and went so fast!  I have enjoyed having more time with my girls and seeing them off to school is bittersweet.  They are looking forward to seeing their friends again and getting back in the swing of sports and band but I'm gonna miss them!!   Maybe I should record one of their fights...that way when I get all misty-eyed about them being gone I'll have a reminder of how nice the quiet is!!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Made in America Challenge

I'll openly admit I'm a little behind the times and news...I just heard about an ABC News special from February titled, "Made in America".  Over the course of 2 shows Diane Sawyer and a crew eradicate a family's home of all items not made in America.  The result?  They have NOTHING left!!  Crazy!!

The second part of the show revolves around the replacement or attempt to replace the items tossed out.  It was shocking how much of our daily goods are not produced stateside.  We wonder why America is in a recession/depression and our economy is tanking!!  We make nothing.  Mr. Awesome and I try to live my the creed that you can't consume more than you produce....if only the spendaholic powers that be would follow suit.

I have been watching videos submitted by like-minded individuals across out great but floundering nation in which they showcase items and brands still made in America.   While we don't have the money to throw out all our non-American made goods, I will shop more conscientiously.  Mr. Awesome and I have begun window shopping for a new living room suite and my eyes are peeled for that glorious Made in America sticker!

We the people made America what it was and I believe we the people can restore it!

Patriotically Yours, 
Deborah (Made in America)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Good Day...

Life has been a bit of a struggle around these here parts lately.  I've been over-worked, tired, grumpy, had a stint with a stomach virus from hell and all while enduring  90+ degree days.  But today my friends is a good day!!  The weather has mellowed out a bit and my skin doesn't melt off after a few mere seconds outside.  In fact, we turned off our air conditioners a few days ago...crazy huh? 

Work is settling into a nice, even pace for me.  My newest cook is back after a death in the family had her on leave for a week.  We are half-way thru with the second to last week of summer camp.  I have everyone fully trained or at least close enough and will be enjoying a few more days off in the near future.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for our family.  The biggest Oompa will be competing at the state fair for her clothing project.  She's very excited and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Tomorrow is also my 35th birthday!!  My history with my birthday is a bit rocky.  It all started with my Mom forgot!   That was a bad year for her and looking back I can understand how life's little distractions got in the way.  They did pull a last minute dinner out of thin air...complete with an over-the-hill cake that was special ordered but not picked up at the local grocery store.  Nothing says happy 17th like black and gray icing.  Other memorable birthdays have included attending a funeral, having my car break down and being stranded and having it COMPLETELY forgotten by Mr. Awesome!!

This year, my expectations are low...really low.  As much as I'd love the treatment April over on Coal Creek Farms got....a day of meals, shopping and long lost friends just isn't in Mr. Awesome's repertoire.  Due to us having to be at the fair all day, we will be celebrating the blessed day I arrived in this world over the weekend.  I just want the kids to get along, the lawn mowed and my chicken coop finished.  Of course, presents, cake, a massage, flowers, and all kinds of loving adoration would be appreciated too.  Snort...ha, ha, ha, ha....whew!  It's good to laugh!!

Peace and good tidings.....