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Friday, August 19, 2011

Melancholy and other fancy feelings....

Today is the last day of our "Week of Relaxation".  Yes, I named a week...I'm a little odd like that.  Summer camp was finally over which left me with one full week with no responsibilities outside our house before the Oompas re-started school.  One full week to sleep in and dork around...which I'm an expert at!!

We spent the week being lazy.  The kids played, we read and even spent an entire day swimming at the beach.  It was glorious.  But, sadly,  it has come to an end.  Today we are ending our fun week on a high!!  A shopping high!!  We'll be heading to the fabric store to buy materials to make new, insulated lunch bags.  We'll be clothes shopping for a few accessories and new bling, bling to start of the school year right.  We'll all be getting haircuts...I for one and am looking forward to this as I have come to resemble Cousin It lately.  Littlest boy Oompa's outlook on this task is bleak...he hates getting his hair cut!

We'll end out evening with a night out on the town, eating at a new Mexican food restaurant and watching movies.  Tomorrow we head to my brother's house for a mass August birthday party.  Seems December was a busy month for all our parents to "get busy"!!  We will be celebrating 5 August birthdays!!  I can hear the music now...bow chicka wow wow.  

After that party we head north to one of Mr. Awesome's friends house for another party.  Yea...we're just cool like that!!  Hopefully, I won't be too partied out to enjoy.  Not sure how the kids will do at this one....they will be the only kids in attendance save another couple's baby.  Note to self....pack a bag with toys and books!!  Sunday will be spent...hopefully, working around the house.  Thus ending my week of relaxation and fun. 

It seems that summer came and went so fast!  I have enjoyed having more time with my girls and seeing them off to school is bittersweet.  They are looking forward to seeing their friends again and getting back in the swing of sports and band but I'm gonna miss them!!   Maybe I should record one of their fights...that way when I get all misty-eyed about them being gone I'll have a reminder of how nice the quiet is!!!


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