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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hoarding or Emergengy Preparedness??

My deep freezer has been a health hazard for some time now due to the Oompas just throwing food in it after grocery shopping.  None of them have yet to show signs of my OC tendencies  organizational skills.  Don't judge me because all CDs and spices are in alphabetical order!! 

I decided to tackle the job to cleaning out old foods, organizing and making an inventory list.  In theory, when an item is removed from the freezer it'll be marked off, thus making grocery list planning easier and more efficient.  Yeah right!!  I know it'll only work for a few weeks tops but gave me something to do on this stormy, windy day.

Now I ask you, is is hoarding or just good planning that has me with 9lbs of ground beef, 10lbs of boneless chicken breasts and 8lbs of ground ham??  I won't even mention the dozens of frozen vegetable bags I found lurking in the bottom of the freezer.  It's a little embarrassing!!  

I've challenged myself to cook from the freezer for the next few weeks.  Of course I say that then see the local big chain store has chicken breasts for only $1.87/lb. 

What's a hoarder   survivalist  freak  gal to do??

(Sorry for the excessive use of the strike's just so darn cool!!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plodding along...sigh...

Today is Tuesday and this week is already proving to be difficult. 

We were looking over schedules and realize that the girl Oopma-Loompas only have 3 more weeks of school while boy Oompa has at least 8-10 weeks left.  Due in large part to us switching charter schools during the first week of November.  Don't get me started on what a turd the old school's curriculum proved to be.  No math lessons!!  None, nada, zero, zip, zilch.  They kept saying they were developing a new, improved math curriculum that would knock our socks off but in the meantime, no math.  Grrrr, I got started...sorry.  Rant over!!

Boy Oompa offered to double up on Science, History and Math lessons plus complete an extra lesson or two on Saturdays in order to have a decent summer break.  Bless his pointed little head!!   His goal is to have all lessons finished by the first week in July so he'll be ready for summer camp.  He's really excited about camp.  It'll be his first experience sleeping away from home without his sisters and without the luxury of staying at MeeMaw and Papa's house.  I'm a little worried about this because he's a bit of a Momma's Boy.  I made him that way...he can't ever leave me!  Will add "toughen up boy" to my to-do list.

Let's add to this week's stress by having a full work schedule, middle Oompa's 4th grade recorder concert (yah!! :-?)  and Mr. Awesome just called me to report 2 growing cracks in his windshield.  UGH.  He was headed to the scrapyard when the car in front of him threw a rock up.  Looks like we will need a new windshield.  Deductible is $100.  Not exactly what I wanted to spend money on but it happens. 

On the brighter side, not that one can see it through these dang rain clouds,  I got a lead on a good job.  My sister-in-law works for a steel supplier and they are in desperate need of inside sales people.  I like being inside and I know how to sell things!!  I polished up my resume and sent it off so fingers crossed.  It pays amazingly well, offers bonuses and insurance.  Downside is the full-time hours and long drive.  I'm looking at it as a temporary solution to our financial problems.  We should hopefully hear back this week about the job at Honda for Mr. Awesome .  It pays amazingly well too and would mean a huge weight would be lifted.  Praying big time for this opportunity!!

...wishing everyone a calm week

Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day Happiness...

Hope all you moms had a great day, pampered by your hubbies and kiddles.  I have been celebrating Mother's Day for 12 years now and this is the first year Mr. Awesome© and the Oompas went all out making it a great day for me!!  The Oompas' band Thunder Monkeys played a show at a friend's school on Saturday evening so I slept in a little.  My Mom was up visiting and we enjoyed a nice cuppa joe whileMr. Awesome© made eggs, bacon and toast!!  I had to assist a little as he's not well versed on how to make eggs but my input was minimal!

My Mom and I got to hang out, enjoying the peace and quiet during the afternoon.  Mr. Awesome© and the Oompas went into town to procure gifts for us!  The work boots I wanted were being a tad illusive so I have to hunt for those myself but the kids did get me several pairs of new earrings!  Littlest Oompa gave my his present last, since it "was the best"!  Love that kid!!

My day of rest and being adored is over.  Monday had arrived with a large list of chores but I'm not complaining.  The sun is shining, the air is warm and I look hot with my new earrings in!!!

Happy Mothering to all....

Friday, May 06, 2011

Yard Sale Loot

The weather here in Flood-Hio has abated and the sun shone in a beautiful blue sky today.  It was also the annual yard sale weekend in the little burg where my in-laws live.  Uhhh...yee-haw!!!  Winning!!

Littlest Oompa and I ditched school work for the afternoon and headed over for a day of hardcore yard sailing!

I got the girl Oompas 5 skirts, 1 corduroy jacket and 2 tops; a stainless steel potato masher and cookie scoop; large vintage mixing bowl; mason jar oil lamp; half gallon mason jug; Rival food saver and a wooden crate....all for $23!

.....confessions of a Yard Sale Queen!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011 that really you???

That big glowing thing in the sky that heats and lights the Earth was out again a little while ago.  At first I was frightened and ran back into my cave, grabbed my club and prepared for battle.  It had been so long since I had seen the glowing orb, I forgot if it was friend or foe.  I ventured out into it's rays, ready to throw down but was pleasantly rewarded as a feeling of warmth and peace came over me.  It was then I remembered that the orb in the sky was my friend and without it I couldn't make the things grow that give me food.  I quickly went back in my cave, changed into my work bearskins and began carving a hoe from my spare club.  I've got a lot of work to do before the white coldness falls from the sky again!!
Red Raspberry
Apple Blossoms

...signed She Who Clubs Dinner of the Soggy Feet Clan