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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spreading the Word....

Every great once in a while, a product or service comes along that really gets my attention.  I'm kinda picky, so it's rare that I get super excited over ideas.  I like things to be useful, attractive and quirky.  I love the quirky!!  So when I saw this, I knew it was something I wanted and in this case, wanted to be promote.

I, like many, am a avid user of Mason jars.  They have umpteen million uses and no nasty chemicals to leech into your food.  They hold pens, flowers, soup, beans, chicken, tea, name it.  I am excited to invest a little seed money into this product, this idea, this woman.  It brightens and lifts my spirit to see good ol' American ingenuity at it's finest.  It's a beautiful thing to see the Made in America sticker on a product. 

Kickstarter is a wonderful idea as well. For any small start up business it's a novel way to reach investors and spread the word about your idea.  I had fun perusing the interesting and sometimes odd products and services out there.  Many are not for me but at least the creative juices of the American public are flowing and we have a glimmer of hope in restoring our once prosperous and productive nation.

I encourage all 3 of you readers to look over the reCap proposal and if it speaks to you...invest and spread the word.

Entrepreneurialy yours.......Deborah

Disclaimer: reCap and Kickstarter have never heard of me and my endorsement gets me a big ol' heap of nothing, except the knowledge I did good for today!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Kids on the Block....

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. The right stuff."  While back in 1987 my pre-teen heart would have flipped at the mere mention of the New Kids.....I'm not referring to those boy band, pelvic thrusting, ballad crooning New Kids.  I would like to introduce my new kids............
World, meet Lucy and Ethel, the hens, who have already lived up to their names with bizarre antics (top) and the male, Mosher (bottom) named after our neighbor who used to raise guineas and inspired us to get a few.  Their job here on the farmstead is to warn us, the hens and anyone within a quarter mile radius of impending doom.  They are also kind enough to alert us, loudly I might add, when an airplane flies overhead, or when a truck is coming down the road or when the winds blows.  They're helpful like that. 

On alert....Deborah

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Fun was Number One on my List...

I've put all that nasty list making behind me, at least publicly.  I'm chalking it up to stage fright that I wasn't able to complete most of my lists last week.  You see, I'm very shy.  I get nervous performing in front of crowds.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

This weekend was a nice change from our ordinary routine of the ordinary.  The Oompas and I took a road trip with my brother and dad to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  My brother's girlfriend, who will be here after referred to as "the other sister", is a belly dancer at the festival.  This was my first chance to see her dance live and wow, wow, wow...she's amazing.  It's such a powerful, fluid, graceful style of dancing.  The woman she dances with was phenomenal as well. 

"Arianna" aka the other sister
Despite the weather being a nasty cold, windy and at times a little rainy, we had a blast.  I picked up several nice loose tea blends, way too many incense sticks and a couple drams of essential oils. Oldest Oompa has already decided she's going again next costume!!  
Off with his head!!!

I'll clean my room....promise!!!

Good Morrow to You All.....Lady Deborah of the Awesome Clan