My family's journey down the road less traveled....

Meet the Oompa Wrangler

Hmmmm, how do I describe myself??  First thing you should know is that I'm probably not right in the head.  It's never been "officially" diagnosed but spend a moment or two in my presence and you'll figure it out.  I have been married to Mr. Awesome© for 13 years and am the proud keeper of three Oompa Loompas.  We raise chickens, grow as much food as possible in our meager garden, home school and follow the Dave aka Damn Ramsey plan for financial success.  There are a ton of other crazy ideas brewing for our little farmstead Peg Leg Acres. We are Christians and try our best to follow God's plan for our lives.  Many friends and family think we're weird and that's okay.  I invite you to buckle up,  grab a cuppa joe, beer or glass of lemonade and settle in to read our adventures.

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