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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shameless Product Endorsement

Let me begin by stating that the opinions expressed are my own and I am not receiving compensation for sharing them with you all but I wouldn't be opposed if that happened (wink, wink.)  I am not telling anyone what I think they should do, although I think most people would be better off if they took my advice!!   I am just sharing my own experience and opinion so please, don't get your panties in a wad.   This post is not intended to provide any medical advice, I'm not a doctor (I just play one on TV.)

The Boy Oompa-Loompa has ADD with vocal and motor tics.  Even before he started public school and the teachers conducted their assessment on him, I knew.  It wasn't an issue during our years of homeschooling because we had learned redirecting techniques that helped him regain his focus. However, in a classroom of 25 his fidgeting, twitching and humming was distracting the other kids.

Like all other parents faced with this diagnosis we turned to our family doctor.  Her plan consisted of a very low dose of ritalin.  We tried it for several weeks but The Boy was experiencing horrible nausea, headaches and loss of appetite which resulted in weight loss.  The doctor switched him to a patch that eliminated the stomach issues and headaches but cause a nasty reaction to his skin and left horrible burn marks.  It seemed to do the trick and we were able to get a cream to soothe the burns so we went with it.

While it greatly reduced his restlessness and tics so he could get through the school day, the medication made him flat and dull.  He seemed apathetic to everything going on around him. When he wasn't patched on the weekends, he was more himself.  I fully understand that the medication is designed to "bring him down" a bit but it totally bummed me out that my little guy was so radically different when he was medicated.

Fast forward two years and a higher dose patch due to a few growth spurts causing massive height and weight increases (of course only after I had bought him pants and shoes.)  He is still experiencing the burns and apathy but now is complaining that he doesn't like how he feels while patched.  He said it made him feel restless inside and we noticed he was becoming more aggressive.  I know that part can also be attributed to hormones but it was a problem nonetheless.

This is where the product endorsement begins.  Sorry you had to sit through that little story but it was necessary to get here.

Mr. Awesome© listens to Joe Rogan's podcasts frequently, okay like daily.  Okay, like multiple shows a day.  Anyway...several guests on his show have discussed Alpha Brain, an all natural memory and focus enhancing supplement.  I will admit to being skeptical, it's my nature, but I bought the fifteen day bottle and decided to give it a whirl.

Alpha BRAIN®
I am so thankful that we found this stuff!  The Boy noticed a difference immediately and where we had to fight and cajole him to "patch up", he willingly takes the Alpha Brain.  He says he feels more energetic, more focused and is able to get through a day at school tied to a desk with minimal tics and periods of distractedness (might not actually be a word but I'm going with it!)

The Boy takes 2 capsules in the morning then another one when he gets home if he has a lot of homework. His grades on homework assignments has gone up and the quality of his work has greatly improved.  When he is on Alpha Brain he isn't as twitchy and can sit, relatively calm, for longer periods, this is a major plus since his constant movement is exhausting to deal with.  The best part is that my little guy's personality is back...he's not grumpy or dull and the aggressiveness is almost 100% gone. He's always gonna have a little fight in him...youngest male child, two teenaged sister...nuff said!

Remember these are my opinions only, not a substitute for professional medial advise, blah, blah, blah.

Opinions of a truly grateful momma~Deborah

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