My family's journey down the road less traveled....

Friday, July 21, 2006 bad!!!

Chloe and Grace ever so gently reminded me that they have changed since that picture was taken. Chloe is now wearing glasses and Grace has lost her first baby tooth. Well now, my bad!!!

News, updates and the like...

This has been a crazy year for the Patrick household. We finally ditched city living and are blissfully happy out in the country. There are almost 10 empty acres behind us and 3 horses to the left of us(they're very quiet neighbors!!). The kids are healthy and happy(most of the time). I'm still homeschooling Chloe and will start with Grace in kindergarten this fall. The girls are looking forward to Girl Scouts this year and I have somehow been roped into being a Daisy Scout leader on top of running the Morrow County Homeschooler's group!!! Elijah is a crazy three year old. He never sits still and has taken up playing air guitar!!! Michael's business Peg Leg Metalwerks has really taken off thanks to an ad in Hot VW magazine. It's been a struggle for me to keep up wth all of the administrative work and the kids and the house!!! But I'm not complaining, we've been blessed and it keeps getting better.

All three kids

I'm a bad mommy, as this picture is almost a year old. In my defense...the kids really haven't changed all that much!!!