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Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy end of October!!!

October has been totally crazy for the Patrick household and I am just glad for a quiet moment(all things in perspective-since the girls are arguing in the background and Eli is showing off his newest ukelule shredding solo) to share our eccentric life with the world. We welcomed new baby kitties into our world. Octopus the tail-less cat, birthed four kittens in the early hours of October 4th. Uno, Nubs, Blackie and Quatro are amazingly cute but would really like a home....with you. Blackie proved to be difficult by presenting breech and needless to say Octopus let us know that her earlier decision to forgo the epidural was made in haste!! Animal or not, natural birth my @ss!!! Being the totally geeky, homeschooling mom that I am, I encouraged the kids to watch and afterwards Eli remarked that, "sometimes his butt hurt too, did that mean he was going to have babies?"....I'm still pondering how to answer that without having the Birds and Bees talk with the kids!!!

October 25th saw our 2nd annual hosting of a Letner Family get-together. Our turnout this year was better than last and included family members from the southern areas of the state even despite the hurtle of our house not showing up on GPS units!! We participated in Poo Bowl 2008 and apologize to those who had to ride home with stinky participants...we will definitely remove all doggie droppings before next year!!!!

(Mikey would like special acknowledgement of his 2 receptions for touch downs as well as a touch down pass. It was a great performance all around and he single-handedly led his team to a 6-1(42-7) victory.)

We had a smoky bonfire, waaaaayy to much picture taking, a lot of laughter and thanks to a bottle of lighter fluid these petrified food items passing themselves off as hot dogs. It may be slightly presumptuous but I think a good time was had by all and I know Michael and I can't wait to do it again next year!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy Autumn!!!

Happy Autumn everyone!! Sorry to leave you all hanging in suspense, waiting with baited breath for the next installment of Our Chaotic Life. I know I have such a dedicated following of readers who were just beside themselves due to a lack of postings. *Snort* Just kidding, I know I have a very limited readership of folks who probably don't give a rat's ass how we're doing. You'll show up dutifully to the funeral only because you know I've demanded a boozey wake!!! Anywho.... We survived the recent wind storm no thanks to ol' Ike. We lost power on Sunday early evening and it was finally restored on Thursday night. A 200 year old, 60 foot oak decided to come crashing down on our property and took out our electric pole and transformer. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our neighbor, we had the use of a generator and were able to keep food from spoiling. Clean up of said tree was long and the main trunk is still laying where it fell, the good news it that we have enough firewood to last for quite a while.

We've started back to school. I'm still homeschooling and having Chloe in 4th grade, Grace in 2nd grade and Eli in Kindergarten is making for a lot of work and long days. They continue to impress me and surpass my expectations with their willingness and ability to learn. It's nice to be able to impart actual knowledge and wisdom instead of teaching for a particular test to meet a set standard with the express goal of making a large group "look good". The kids are showing a wide range of interest and I can't wait to explore some of their new pursuits.

I guess that's it for now. We have started regular Girl Scout meeting again and next week will begin ballet and jazz classes for the fall so the updates may be fewer and farther between. No fears boys and girls...just send up the bat signal if you need help and I'll never be far behind!!