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Friday, November 24, 2006

My Little Chopper Girls

Michael got a new "fixer-upper"-a 1977 Yahama 360. The bike has transformed my darling little princesses into Paulie and Senior from American Chopper(minus the f-bomb). Seen here they are stripping off the ugly.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sorry, but I have to do this...

Recently Chloe's teacher requested that she be tested for the gifted program. I got the results today and had to share. Please allow me a moment of snarky triumph..HA HA HA!! I have had many people doubt my ability to homeschool and the idea of homeschooling itself. They said that I wasn't a qualified teacher and didn't know how to teach. I was told that I would socially retard my children and that they wouldn't be as productive or intelligent as their public schooled counterparts. Again, HA HA HA. Whew...I'm done being snarky now. According to the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement her Broad Reading score is 8.1 and her Broad Written score is 6.6. For those of you not familiar with the scoring, 8.1 works out to that of an 8th grader in their 1st month of school, 6.6-6th grader in their 6th month of school. Given that Chloe is in her 3rd month of her 2nd grade year(2.3), I am impressed. I always knew she was a very intelligent girl it's just nice to have a standardized organization verify it. Being a mom and homeschooling is a very thankless, often unrecognized job. This is my "atta girl" pat on the back for a job well done.