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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hoarding or Emergengy Preparedness??

My deep freezer has been a health hazard for some time now due to the Oompas just throwing food in it after grocery shopping.  None of them have yet to show signs of my OC tendencies  organizational skills.  Don't judge me because all CDs and spices are in alphabetical order!! 

I decided to tackle the job to cleaning out old foods, organizing and making an inventory list.  In theory, when an item is removed from the freezer it'll be marked off, thus making grocery list planning easier and more efficient.  Yeah right!!  I know it'll only work for a few weeks tops but gave me something to do on this stormy, windy day.

Now I ask you, is is hoarding or just good planning that has me with 9lbs of ground beef, 10lbs of boneless chicken breasts and 8lbs of ground ham??  I won't even mention the dozens of frozen vegetable bags I found lurking in the bottom of the freezer.  It's a little embarrassing!!  

I've challenged myself to cook from the freezer for the next few weeks.  Of course I say that then see the local big chain store has chicken breasts for only $1.87/lb. 

What's a hoarder   survivalist  freak  gal to do??

(Sorry for the excessive use of the strike's just so darn cool!!)

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