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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I didn't feel the Earth move under my feet....

In case you've missed the news lately, there was an earthquake registering 5.9 in Virginia this afternoon.  Shock waves were felt all the way over here in Ohio.  Apparently by everyone but me!!  I recounted my whereabouts at the time everyone was freaking out and was outside, on my deck, teaching the littlest Oompa about the Beaufort scale for wind speed.  To quote Morales from A Chorus Line, "Nothing, I'm feeling nothing". 

I was totally bummed too!!  It's not like California where earthquakes are a common occurrence.  It would be an experience to be able to say I felt the Earth move.  Really move!!  When you think about what has to happen to create those tremors, large or small, it's really something amazing.  The tectonic plates have been a source of wonder and awe for me since grade school.  The crust of Earth is like one giant, shifting puzzle.  Yea, I'm a geek like that.

Now to make a left at Albuquerque....2 more of my precious hens are laying!!  I collected a grand total of 4 eggs from my coop today!!  I know the 2 Barred Rocks are laying and based on egg color I am certain that 2 of the Buff Orpingtons are now laying too!!  That leaves 1 Buff Orp and the 5 Americanas to get their acts together!! 

Ella-3 year old Barred Rock

Tiffany and Heather-2 Buff Orps
Amber-the 3rd Buff Orp
Americanas-Selma, Cylence and Victoria (not pictured is Cylence's twin-Noise)
Samantha-young Barred Rock
Victoria-the my opinion
On solid ground....Deborah

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