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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Good Day...

Life has been a bit of a struggle around these here parts lately.  I've been over-worked, tired, grumpy, had a stint with a stomach virus from hell and all while enduring  90+ degree days.  But today my friends is a good day!!  The weather has mellowed out a bit and my skin doesn't melt off after a few mere seconds outside.  In fact, we turned off our air conditioners a few days ago...crazy huh? 

Work is settling into a nice, even pace for me.  My newest cook is back after a death in the family had her on leave for a week.  We are half-way thru with the second to last week of summer camp.  I have everyone fully trained or at least close enough and will be enjoying a few more days off in the near future.

Tomorrow is a BIG day for our family.  The biggest Oompa will be competing at the state fair for her clothing project.  She's very excited and I couldn't be more proud of her.  Tomorrow is also my 35th birthday!!  My history with my birthday is a bit rocky.  It all started with my Mom forgot!   That was a bad year for her and looking back I can understand how life's little distractions got in the way.  They did pull a last minute dinner out of thin air...complete with an over-the-hill cake that was special ordered but not picked up at the local grocery store.  Nothing says happy 17th like black and gray icing.  Other memorable birthdays have included attending a funeral, having my car break down and being stranded and having it COMPLETELY forgotten by Mr. Awesome!!

This year, my expectations are low...really low.  As much as I'd love the treatment April over on Coal Creek Farms got....a day of meals, shopping and long lost friends just isn't in Mr. Awesome's repertoire.  Due to us having to be at the fair all day, we will be celebrating the blessed day I arrived in this world over the weekend.  I just want the kids to get along, the lawn mowed and my chicken coop finished.  Of course, presents, cake, a massage, flowers, and all kinds of loving adoration would be appreciated too.  Snort...ha, ha, ha, ha....whew!  It's good to laugh!!

Peace and good tidings.....

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