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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Made in America Challenge

I'll openly admit I'm a little behind the times and news...I just heard about an ABC News special from February titled, "Made in America".  Over the course of 2 shows Diane Sawyer and a crew eradicate a family's home of all items not made in America.  The result?  They have NOTHING left!!  Crazy!!

The second part of the show revolves around the replacement or attempt to replace the items tossed out.  It was shocking how much of our daily goods are not produced stateside.  We wonder why America is in a recession/depression and our economy is tanking!!  We make nothing.  Mr. Awesome and I try to live my the creed that you can't consume more than you produce....if only the spendaholic powers that be would follow suit.

I have been watching videos submitted by like-minded individuals across out great but floundering nation in which they showcase items and brands still made in America.   While we don't have the money to throw out all our non-American made goods, I will shop more conscientiously.  Mr. Awesome and I have begun window shopping for a new living room suite and my eyes are peeled for that glorious Made in America sticker!

We the people made America what it was and I believe we the people can restore it!

Patriotically Yours, 
Deborah (Made in America)

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