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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Like millions of other folks on the planet, I suffer from procrastination or will suffer from it.....later.

I have a list as long as my arm of chores I need to get accomplished before the really cold weather and white death begin falling from the sky.  I'm an expert at making lists.  It's the whole seeing it through and being able to mark that particular job off the list where things get hazy.  I'm trying an experiment in psychology...if I post my list to the public will I feel the pressure and therefore be compelled to get 'er done??  Time shall tell.

Here is my list in no particular order.  As I finish each task, I'll come back and cross it off and give an update.

List of  things I don't want to do (because I'd rather be bundled up in my comfy chair watching Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife) but need to do:
  1. burn weeds in garden and plant garlic
  2. rake leaves and put in garden beds(free mulch/compost!!!)
  3. nag Mr. Awesome© till he fixes tractor 
  4. mow the yard one last time
  5. replace missing shingles on shed roof
  6. clean out deep freezer
  7. re-organize pantry/possibly put up new shelves??
  8. finish gourd birdhouses
  9. do something with psycho mean rooster (he's going on 3yrs old so the meat will be really tough)
  10. remove temporary fencing from around chicken coop
  11. buy and put up snow fence(with all the flat land we get massive drifts in the front of our house burying the cars and front porch)
  12. pick up straw bales and insulate chicken coop
  13. make cat house for Greaseball and Cousin Eddie to live in this winter
  14. help Boy Oompa clean out his rat cage and give the rodent a bath 
  15. Make batch of Fire Cider Tonic **stock up on tomato juice to make taking this awful but effective remedy a little more pleasant**
  16. Research herbal sleep tincture I saw over at Rosemary's Remedies *source herbs needed to make it*
  17. Make Elderberry Cough Syrup for upcoming cold season (" I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries." )
  18. clean cabinet under the kitchen sink aka mouse hotel...blech.
  19. place mouse bait in crawl space of house (harvesting has begun and those little suckers are running to my house for cover)
  20. MOST IMPORTANT-Spray bug killer around foundation of house and in/on/under/around/near any crevice where those horrific Wolf spiders can make their way into my house.  
  21. get flea medicine from vet (*waiting on my last paycheck for the $$)
  22. take both dogs to groomers (big dog is too big for me to want to tackle and little dog needs his nails clipped but gets aggressive when I try) *research costs and make adjustments to budget for $$

That's what I can think of right now...may add a few more as they come to me.  Now comes the hard part.  Putting on my big girl panties and gonna knock 'em out!!!

Accountably yours.................Deborah 


  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Gotten a few notices that comments are not posting. Did a little adjusting to the blog and hopefully all is fixed?? Would live to hear from you all!!!

  2. I washed a my bathroom sink.....then he pooped. Blech, wretch, gag, ugh!!!

  3. Had to adapt a few of the tasks on my list. Went to pick up my free straw and found that over half of the bales had been thrown in the woods and deemed "trash". Only recovered enough to insulate the cat's winter retreat. Just added another bag of pine shavings to the hennies' coop which worked just fine last year. Will get the garden weeds burnt back today if I could ever get the torch lit. That thing hates me...I'm sure of it!!

  4. Given Mr. Awesome's© lay-off I've handed my lists over to added a few more fun things like;fix garage door, dump rotten soybeans in woods, gather up all scrap metal, find homes for broken down cars in driveway. I explained that I can be his new employer!! Wish I would have had a camera handy to capture his death stare...priceless!!