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Monday, October 22, 2012

Square One....We Meet Again!

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from- T.S. Eliot

In summary for those of you not intimately connected with my family and it's story;  Mr. Awesome© lost his job of 8 years back in the fall of 2010.  The job market for metal fabricators was saturated due to an overwhelming amount of laid off workers in that field. Jobs offers were few and far between and what did come his way were grossly underpaid given his almost 20 years of experience.  

Thanks to a good friend (who was in the same position) he got a lead on a job at a local car manufacturer's research and development facility.  Finally, he'd found a job he truly enjoyed going to everyday that paid him well....really well.  Of course, there was one glitch.  He was only a contract worker (read temp).  In spite of his status as a temp, the powers that be put him in a position to work in the robotic weld cell, which it was adamantly said a temp would never work.
Recently, this major car manufacturer found it necessary to cut their budget.  Not the budget cutting we're used to....240 million in cuts.  The build schedule for the rest of 2012 got pushed to early 2013 and contract workers dropped like flies.  Every Friday guys would leave the building not knowing who would receive "the call" over the weekend.  Mr. Awesome© was assured by many higher-ups that he was safe. Given the fact that he was in a position that had never been held my a contract workers, his job was secure.  He was given busy work to do to fill his days.  All seemed right with our world until Saturday.  He got "the call".

Honestly, I think I'm still a little stunned.  Serves me right for relying on the words of others as gospel.  No situation in this world is can change in a instant.  We're a little better prepared for this round of unemployment than the last, I think.  Seems ironic timing since I've just left my job!!  Not that the pennies I would be able to earn from now till mid-November's shutdown would actually make a significant difference, but you've gotta love the timing.

Looking forward, Mr. Awesome© is contemplating a few new ventures to get out of fabrication all together.  He's spent the past 20 years breaking his body down with manual labor and enough is enough.  We're looking into him going back to school for robotic welding then possibly on to a consulting firm.  He's even discussed working as a guitar teacher.  Who knows?  We've got a blank page in front of us.

Live from Square One......Deborah

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