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Friday, October 05, 2012

Stepping Up My Game...

So, I've been on the frugality wagon for years now and like everyone else had my slips.  Busy periods in life where dinner comes from take out bags, milk is bought at convenience stores for three times the regular price and shopping trips are more about speed than savings.  Today, I begin a challenge and as the blog post title implies, I am stepping up my game!

I've been cyber-stalking researching quite a few blogs on frugality, couponing and money saving in general.  Some good, some bad and some down right scary.  Let me state right now, toilet paper will ALWAYS be on my grocery list.  Always. Thankfully, most of the money saving tips are practical and will be something I can at least work with.

I'll admit I got caught up in the coupon craze and had a week or so where I was obsessively clipping coupons from the weekly paper plus printing them from online sources.  Not to mention the digital coupons on my Kroger card or MPerks account.  It only took a few days to realize, however, that most of the coupons were for items I never bought.  I try my best to feed my family with whole foods versus pre-packaged items, I uses vinegar for most most my cleaning, make my own laundry detergent, and buy generic whenever possible.  I've stood in the store and done the math...most of the time, generic is still cheaper than name brand with a coupon.  Now, if you have the time to hit the store on double coupon day (assuming your store doubles coupons) then I guess you'd be saving money but I have a life and grocery shopping is a chore that takes up no more than a few hours.  I do not live my life to bargain shop.

I'm looking ahead at the coming weeks and months with more free time to dedicate to my family.  While many of you may think I'm nuts (and I most definitely am in most regards) I'm looking forward to getting back to basics.  In order to keep myself honest and on track I'll be posting my grocery scores once a week.  I'll also be sharing any cost cutting ideas I think might be of use, after they have been tried, tested and have the Mrs. Awesome seal of approval.

I'm always open to new ideas, unless they involve skipping toilet paper, so please share your favorite money saving tip, idea or success story.

Frugally yours......................Deborah

***I want to make sure I give credit to my amazingly talented cousin (seriously, check out her photography) for writing her blog about her grocery saving adventures which gave me the idea to chronicle my own success....thanks Kelly!!***

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