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Monday, October 15, 2012

Free at last...

This past weekend marked my last working at the camp.  I pulled seriously long days last week preparing for the annual apple butter festival.  I baked, organized supplies, cooked and canned apple butter till I was ready to drop!!  I'll know on Wednesday when I go in to drop off my financial report, keys, credit cards and final time card whether all my hard work on the festival was worth it.  Despite my aggravations toward the camp's lack of communications, I really hope this fundraiser was a success.

I'll admit we called an audible on Sunday evening.  My plan had been to provide a hot, nutritious, home-cooked, cost cutting meal but I left the camp around 6pm and headed straight to the nearest Little Caesar's pizza to take advantage of their $5 deal.  I even got an extra pizza for lunches today!!!  I knew 5:30am would come too soon and I wouldn't have the energy to pack a decent lunch for Mr. Awesome© and the girl Oompas.  Looks like I've added another $19.40 to my weekly budget and it was worth every penny!!!

Today, the first day of this new chapter in my life, was spent tying up loose ends.  I had a pile of laundry the size of Mount Everest that needed tackled, I'd lost my kitchen counters to clutter and junk but most of all I needed a day to rest after 12 hours on my feet selling pies and making small talk to strangers!!  Around 2pm, I got two back to back calls from boy Oompa's Cub Scout leader and youngest girl Oompa's volleyball coach.  Looks like my evenings this week are filled with running kids to Pack meetings and practice.  Sure beats cooking for 50!!!

Off to volleyball practice....Deborah

P.S.-youngest girl Oompa will now be going my the moniker "Ginger" on account of her red hair and the fact that she more than likely is soul-less!!

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