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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Move over Swiffer, there's a new mop in town...

My friend Dawn has been posting frugal tips over on Facebook for the past week or so and shared this little gem that I felt needed to be passed along.  Dawn is a tried and true Frugalista (yup, I'm making up words!!), raising three of the nicest kids, working side by side with her husband and just being an all around great person.

I'm sure we've all been tempted or have actually caved and at one point in our cleaning lives bought and used a Swiffer.  I've owned one.  In the beginning it was extremely handy.  I bought mine when we lived in a house with a ton of exposed hardwood floors.  The duster pad made quick work of the floors and once I upgraded to the Wet Jet, I was able to (almost) seamlessly go from mopping linoleum in the kitchen to the hardwood.  Until that fateful day when the cleaning solution and pads ran out.  Oh, the horror!!!!

I've pulled out my trusty, rusty abacus and did a little ciphering...

Swiffer Wet Jet Starter Kit (1 bottle solution and 2 pads)- $18
Bottle of solution for wood floors- $4
Box of 12 refill pads-$8
Grand Total-$30
You'll get a total of 2 cleaning solutions and 14 mop pads which if you're anything like me will last a month, maybe 6 weeks if you try and stretch the use on the pads.  Add in another $4 if you want the pads for dry dusting.  I found those lasted a little longer than the wet ones.

Or, you can try this bad boy.  Yes, I'm excited about a's how I roll!!

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit-$31.49 (Amazon).  Comes with 2 refillable cleaning solution bottles and 2 washable wet mop heads.
Dry dusting head available for $6.39.
Grand Total-37.88 and it'll last you for years!!

I'm sold.  Whip up a batch of homemade vinegar cleaner and you'll save even more $$.

Mopping good times...........Deborah

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