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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crusty Goodness...

No doubt there is something in every person's life they've avoided trying because of hearing horror stories of it's difficulty.  In this modern age there are so many short cuts one can take that it's possible to avoid this awful task for your entire life if not at least many years.  In the grand scheme of life some of these are relatively simple things while others rank on the side of monumental.  The amusing part is that once you suck it up and try this thing you've built up in your head as impossible,  it's usually way easier than you expected.

We need to remember that the human race exaggerates a million percent!!  Who wants to admit they had difficulty accomplishing a simple, mundane action.  I've totally been shown up by my kids while trying to do things on the computer and it makes me feel like a moron.  However, I'd feel worse if I had given up altogether but it's still takes you down a notch when you have to turn to your (then) 5 year old and ask for help with Photoshop.  Just like the fish your hubby caught last weekend grew in size each time he told the story, so does the arduousness of a task each time you retell the story and your inability to do it.  Confused yet?  I am, I think.

The whole point of my little diatribe is that I've heard for years how precarious it is to make a proper pie crust from scratch.  They're such a pain to roll out, they're either too wet or dry, you need a marble slab to roll it out on, etc..  Um, yeah...calling bull on this one!!  My menu this week called for chicken pot pie.  As we all know you can't have pie without crusts and I blanked while at the store and forgot to pick up pre-made pie crusts.  Seeing as I'd already blown my budget for the week I womaned up and made my own.  Holy puff pastries Batman, it was EASY, tasted fantastic and cost, literally, pennies to make!!!

 $2.50 for 2 refrigerated pie crusts vs.$0.77 for homemade ($0.15 in flour,$0.02 in salt & $0.60 in shortening)

Crustily your......Deborah


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    1. Love the way you write
    2. Really? I've always wanted to make Chicken Pot Pie from scratch.
    3. You were writing before 7 am and posted at 7:15.

    Like I've said for the past 14 years (almost) I am not worth!!!!

    I can't figure out how to comment on your posts.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM

      This is Cookie