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Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday Baby....

Welcome to the latest installment of "Deborah bashing her head against the wall because she can't seem to come in UNDER budget!!!"  My total for this week was $128.52!  I'm getting better and $8.52 over sure as heck beats the $40 or so from a few weeks ago.  Still, with the decrease in our income I'm watching every penny.

Kroger had some decent deals: Pork Loin $1.88/lb, Annie's Mac & Cheese $0.79, Creamette Pasta $0.79, Peanut Butter $1.99 and Pepsi 10/$10.  They were out of the B1G1 roasts advertised.  Meijer's deals were a little harder to come by: Chicken breasts $1.99/lb, coffee creamer $1.99 and Ore-Ida fries 2/$5 with a buy 2G1F making them $1.67 each.

Here's this week's haul, complete with photo bomb by the Oldest Oompa:

Weekly Menu 
Friday: Fast Food Dollar Menu (included in grocery budget) 
Saturday: Pork Loin with Apples, Julienne Potatoes
Monday: Beef Au Jus Sandwiches and Fried
Tuesday: Ginger Oompa's 12th Birthday-she requested Chicken Alfredo
Wednesday:Freezer Meal (I will raid my freezer and pantry)
Thursday: Leftovers

I will take a few minutes tomorrow or Sunday to whip up a double batch of pancakes and muffins for the week's breakfasts and lunches will consist of subs, tuna fish sandwiches and leftovers. 

There are a few things happening on the job front for both Mr. Awesome© and myself but for fear of jinxing them, I'll keep quiet till they're certain.  Regardless of the outcome, things are looking up and I'm looking forward.  

Over Budget.............Deborah 

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