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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coffee, Cafe, matter how you're spelled, I love ya!!

My mother-in-law is to blame for my love of coffee.'s all her fault!!  She can brew it strong enough to wake the dead from the 12th century.  I'll openly admit I'm not in it for the taste of the coffee as much as the caffeine jolt.  It's rare that I'll drink a cuppa joe without adding a lil sumptin' sumptin.  French vanilla creamer makes me big time.  I've been working over the past year to reduce my refined sugar intake and was appealed at the amount of crap in most liquid creamers.  We're talking long lists of crapola ingredients that are hard to pronounce.  Yuck!!

I'm putting down my bottle of CoffeeMate and making a stand...oh, yeah and my own creamer!!!

14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk
14oz Half & Half (can save even more money and use milk...I prefer whole milk)
2 tsp vanilla extract.

Pour all ingredients into a jar and stir or shake till well blended.


**The handy-dandy lid on the jar is an awesome product called reCap.  Pourable, shakeable, BPA free and available in for regular and wide mouth canning jars.  Totally awesome.**

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