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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Old McDonald's Farm has NOTHING on Mine....

Yes, Old McDonald had a larger variety of livestock than I do, but my creatures are waaay more interesting!!  See, his animals weren't brave enough to think outside the box stall.

Early this morning one of my Americana hennies ran Cousin Eddie the cat away from the coop then pecked his head a couple of times for good measure!!  Attack hens??  I see a new line of self-defense sweeping the nation.  No need for expensive alarm systems or lengthy dog training programs...arm your home with Protector Hens.  They'll guard your loved ones and provide a tasty breakfast!!

Later I witnessed a little species confusion as the cats ate the scratch grains and layer pellets.....

while a few hens took over the cats' winter home.

Confused here at Old McPatrick's Farm.................................Deborah

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