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Sunday, November 04, 2012

In the Words of Martha Stewart, This is a Good Thing....

This weekend has brought it's fair share of good things.  First, I got 30 cloves of garlic planted in my garden. Boy Oompa helped me rake the leaves from the maple and apple trees to cover each raised garden bed.  This will act as a nice insulator for the garlic and as it breaks down it'll add much needed nutrients back into the soil.  I'm hoping it'll decrease the spring weeds too.

Secondly, the photo I won over at Thy Had Hath Provided arrived!  Thanks again to Jane and her talented brother Darin.  His photography is amazing and what's truly beautiful is that until the end of the year he will be donating all profits to Serving His Children, a charity designed to help malnourished children and their families in Uganda.  You'll get a wonderful piece of art and help a worthy cause!!
12x12 Canvas
Lastly, I have finished staining all of the gourds that I received from my sister.  I've been working on turning them into really unique birdhouses.  Once they're all dry, I'll be adding the leather cords for hanging and will try my hand at embellishing them with feathers and beads I've collected.  Pictures to follow!!!

Thankful for Good Things................Deborah

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  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    You amaze me!!!!! I so wish I was creative!!!! When you come to visit you can help me decide what to grow in my yard. Right now I am trying to make the front presentable. Painted my shutters and I think they glow in the dark. Sigh........Looking forward to seeing pics of the gords. Cookie