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Friday, November 16, 2012

9 years is a long time....

It's been 8 years since I've attempted to go grocery shopping with a baby in tow.  8 very long years.  Any of those crazy voices in my head telling me that another baby would be amazing have been forever silenced.  Friday is grocery shopping day and now that I have my 2 new little charges, nothing changed.  We headed off around 10am and like usual hit all three stores on my route.  However, upon returning home at 12:30pm, I'm much more exhausted than ever before!!  Lugging the car seat and keeping track of a 5yr old who decided to hop his way through the day was a nightmare.  If Boy Oompa hadn't come along, I would still be at the store!!

I went over budget by $8.79 but scored some really good deals.
Meijer: Hershey Baking Chips 2/$4 and I had two $1 off coupons= $1 per bag.  Plus if you buy three you get free brownie mix.  mPerks free toilet paper (6 double rolls) and Hawaiian Punch (for Thanksgiving) $1.48.
Kroger: Dawn $1.97 (bought 2 and had $1.25 in coupons), Crest $1.99 ($0.75 coupon) and all their veggie/chip dips were $1 each.

Got all the goodies I need for Thanksgiving, plus began the stockpile for the baking season!!

Chilling in my baby free zone...............Deborah


  1. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Think I will take a nap for you!!!! I am going to get my lazy behind in gear and really start bargin shopping. I have Kroger, Aldi and Walmart here. Occasionally I will go to Ingles if it really is a sale...however...I have noticed that most of their sale items are Kroger's regular price. Where are you getting your coupons? Proud of you my "daughter"... Cookie

  2. You can load digital coupons onto your Kroger card and Meijer has them too. Mostly I just clip coupons from newspaper insert but I rarely come across ones that I'll use. Most are for foods we'd never eat or even with a coupon it's still cheaper to buy at Aldi's. On the left there is a link to a blog One Hundred Dollars a Month...there are always tons of links to various coupons and coupon sites. Good luck with your shopping!!