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Monday, March 07, 2011

Turning those lemons into lemonade...

Today could have sucked rocks...but I refused to let it!!  Boy Oompa-Loompa finally came down with the plague his sisters have been dealing with for the last two weeks.  He spent the night vomiting, coughing and tossing and turning with fever.  My poor wittle baby!!  I hate it when my kids are sick...seeing them so miserable and not being able to make them better sucks. Rocks. 

Needless to say, I was draggin' this morning.  Thanks to a relaxed homeschool schedule we were able to skip today's lessons and I parked the boy on the couch with Sierra Mist, crackers and PBS.  I decided to use this new found free time to clean my scurvy house!!  I swept up enough dog hair to make an entire new mutt and was able to evict the swamp monster living in my bathroom.  I also caught the dirty clothes breeding like rabbits in the laundry room.  Leaving the boy in the capable hands of Mr. Awesome©, I was even able to run into town to do a little grocery shopping so Mother Hubbard's Cupboards are overflowing once again. Picked up some cheesecloth so I could get a batch of apple cider vinegar brewing and in a few weeks I will hopefully have a gallon of the good stuff to sell.

The girl Oompas are home from school and finishing a few chores before I tackle dinner.  Need to decide what to do with the chicken breasts I picked up at the store. We're also gonna whip up a batch of chocolate cherry almond granola bars for breakfast this week.  It's a new recipe so fingers crossed it goes well!!

From the land of swamp monsters and ever multiplying laundry....Deborah

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