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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy Days and Wednesdays...

We are once again the land of gray skies and rain...............sigh.  I had high hopes of getting the garden tilled up and my plant babies in the ground.  They're doing great by the way, except for the cukes......I kinda dropped the light on them the other day when I was watering and well, they're not looking so hot!!  I plan on removing them this Sunday (my only day off this week) and replanting.  At the rate we're going, I'm not gonna be able to get to my garden till late April anyway!

The little fuzz butts are growing at such a rapid rate they'll be ready for their garage brooder in another 2 weeks and if if ever warms up and stops raining Mr. Awesome© and I will start building their chicken tractor.  I learned last year that introducing the newbies to the older girls too early results in a chicken riot with lots of squawking and flying feathers!!   I'm not sure how Indian the Amorous Roo will react to them either.  My backyard could turn into a hippie love-fest!!  I just hope that with more ladies to um..."service", he'll mellow out a bit.  He's become so protective of  Ella, our only hen, that he attacks if she gets within 5 feet of us.  Little does he know I have a delicious recipe just a waitin' if he doesn't change his attitude. 

In other news, I did accept the second job and started work on Monday.   However, there seems to be a gigantic lack of communication going on and I was given the wrong start time and the department supervisor didn't seem too happy to see me.  It seems while I was hired in to work part-time weekdays that department only needs coverage every other weekend!!  I'm hoping to get it all straightened out and fingers crossed the other department I was going to work in actually has available hours during the week.  As is, my weekends are booked cooking at the camp and it's 8 mile drive and slightly higher pay is a huge trump card in this game.  Why can't I find an employer who's willing to pay me $50 an hour to work from home in my jammies???  I have cute jammies too!

Oh well...can't win em' all!!

From the land of gray skies and polka dot jammies.....

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