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Monday, March 07, 2011

Best Chicken Sammich....EVER!!!

Ask anyone and they know someone, who knows someone, who's brother's uncle's best friend's roommate makes a really awesome chicken sandwich.  When asked what's on it, they never know.  Apparently, the best friend's roommate is guarding his recipe like the Crown Jewels!  Well, I have an easy recipe that'll make you cry out and worship the ground I walk on (okay so maybe in my mind you'll be worshiping!!).

The ingredient list couldn't be simpler either:
1 Whole or 2 half Boneless Chicken Breasts (Makes 4 servings)
1 pound bacon
2 cups Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese
Kaiser Rolls

Cook bacon in skillet.  Transfer to paper towel lined plate.  Reserve approximately 1 Tablespoon of yummy goodness, otherwise know as bacon grease, for cooking the chicken.  Shhhh, what your doctor doesn't know won't hurt you!!

While the bacon is popping and making your house smell divine, place each half  of the chicken breast between wax paper and pound thin.  Refrain from using UFC style blow to the meat...we're looking to keep it intact.  Once you have both pieces thinned out, cut in half so you end up with 4 even sized portions. 

Liberally, dust the chicken with coriander and pepper.  Interesting note, coriander is the crushed seed for cilantro and have a wonderful, mild lemony flavor.  Cook in the pan of bacon grease for 15 minutes or so, depending on the thickness of your pieces. Make sure to flip the chicken after about 7-8 minutes to ensure both side get that beautiful golden color.  Once the juices run clear and your chicken is thoroughly cooked, remove from heat and heap as many pieces of bacon you can and as your arteries will allow plus 1/4 cup of cheese per chicken cutlet.  Put a lid on the pan and wait for the cheese to melt!

I serve my sandwiches on toasted kaiser rolls with a little mayo, lettuce and tomato.  A dash of honey mustard probably would be a sin either!!

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