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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Disgustingly Productive

Lemme start off by sayin' that I don't like it when my kiddos are sick but Lord if I haven't been productive because they were!!!  Must have a little of Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood in me!!  Winning!!

My littlest Oompa-Loompa has been sick for the past two days.  Fever, yucking up, cough, sore throat, basic crud.  Needless to say, he's parked on the couch, sipping fluids, munchin' crackers, watching movies and napping the day away.  This also means, no school work...for him or teacher!!!

I am finding myself with whole days of "free" time since we're not trying to complete lessons.  It's odd.  It's refreshing.  It's wonderful!!!  Mostly, because I know this break won't last.  Lil' squirt was feeling better this afternoon so it looks like it's back to mean ol' schoolmarm for tomorrow.

But today's not over yet!!!  I have been so productive that I'm starting to make myself sick (not in a virus way but a you annoy the crap outta me way).  I have washed, dried and folded 3 loads of laundry; downloaded and watched last Sunday's church service (didn't make it due to flooding and ice); grated 5 bars of soap to make a batch of laundry detergent; made 8 mini homemade pizzas; chatted with Weird Neighbor; feed the baby chickies; cleaned out my freezer (inside one); and designed a logo and label for my products that I hope to sell at the community market.

Have I annoyed you yet?  Has my perky attitude and zealousness for projects and chores made you want to stab me in the neck with a spork?  I understand, really I do...I can get a little carried away at times.  Mr. Awesome© knows to run and hid when I get like this or I'm liable to have him serving as a dress form or taste testing all sorts of weird concoctions that spew forth from my oven!!

Alas, the day is drawing to a close.  The sun, what little we can see through the gray impending rain clouds, is setting.  I need to get dinner started before running out to pick up the Girl Scout cookies my daughters sold.  Then it's back home to hang with the kiddles, watch American Idol (love me some Paul McDonald) and oversee bedtime routines.  Tomorrow is another day!

...tidings from a total frickin' rock star from Mars!!!

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