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Friday, September 30, 2011

To Quote Mr. Brown, "AARRGGHH"....

When I tried this list experiment over on the forum it worked like a charm.  Not so much now.  Despite my best planning and intentions it's been falling apart lately (and yes I know all about intentions and their pet mice and how they work on a paving crew building a road).  It's all good though...I'm going with the flow.  See how flowy I am? Like liquid butter.

Here's a recap of yesterday:
  • Paperwork not faxed...despite my repeated reminders, Mr. Awesome neglected to sign them!!  Got it done late last night after work but missed the deadline.  Hopefully it won't cause any problems.
  • No grocery list made however I did peruse the ads so it should come together fairly quickly.
  • I did call the music store to decline the $200 in clarinet repairs.  Middle Oompa chose to rent a trombone from the school instead.  Oh joy, can't wait to hear her practicing!!!
  • Here's where my careful planning would have paid off beautifully...I had all the necessary components for Baked Chicken Nachos.  There was seasoned pre-cooked meat, chips, beans and a plethora of cheese all waiting for Mr. Awesome to assemble for dinner when he got home from work since I was working the dinner shift at the camp.  Now throw in a few hours of unexpected overtime for him and you get three hungry kids calling me at 7pm wondering where the heck dear ol' dad was and can they just have cereal for dinner!! 
  • So glad I left number 5 blank.  Makes me feel better that there is one less task I wasn't able to accomplish.

Not that I'm keeping score but here's today's hit list...
  • Boy Oompa's online conference with his charter school at 10am
  • Grocery shopping
  • At least a partial day of school lessons with boy Oompa
  • Have oldest girl Oompa at the high school at the correct time(she's supposed to let me know this afternoon).  The 7th grade band will be marching in the halftime parade with the alumni band.  Mr. Awesome told her we'd all be there in the stands, in the cold watching. Of course his plans change at the last minute and he'll be here in our cozy home with a friend who's coming to stay for the weekend.  Nice...real nice!!
  • Go to bed early!  This should be by far the easiest.  I need my rest to Saturday's excursion with the Oompas and my brother to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  His gal, my "other" sister is in a belly dancing troupe that performs daily at the fair.  I've never seen her dance live and the ren fair is a perfect place to start my holiday shopping!!!
I'm considering this experiment completed...and sadly failed.  The concept was interesting but factoring in our ever changing world, it's set me up for frustration.  I can flow with the changes much better without a list.
Flowingly yours....Deborah  

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