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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She shoots and scores...not!!

Sigh, yesterday was not my most productive day.  I had to make a few last minute revisions to my list and while I did accomplish a few things, there were not those on my list.  Here's how it went...
  • Layout pattern and get material cut to make girl Oompas' jammies I looked at the wrong material yardage when I was at the store and didn't have enough material to make the not even close!!  I'll be stopping by the fabric store this weekend and as long as they still have the print in stock I'll get the extra I need.
  • Make up and mail a care package to my wonderful in-laws who ran away to Florida I got out all the things I wanted to send to them but failed to find a box.  I'll rummage thru the recycle bin a t work to find a box and will ship it later this week. 
  • Post a large bag of clothes and shoes I never wear to Freecycle-if you've never heard of it, check it out.  It's an amazing resource to receive and get rid of items that you are done with but not quite ready for the landfill. This was by far the easiest task on my list.  I posted the ad early in the day, had a response by noon and the bag was picked up around 7pm!!
  • Research (that's what I'm calling net surfing) podcasts on iTunes.  A friend keeps raving about them and I really need to get with the times!!  Learned I can only search for podcasts thru iTunes which is installed on Mr. Awesome's computer.  I would have just jumped over 3 feet and booted his up except it's slower than molasses on a cold day so it seemed a huge waste of time.  I'll need a few hours dedicated to my search and therefore will postpone to a rainy, cold weekend. 
  • Tear my computer room apart in search of the CD-ROM with the driver for our webcam.  It's a Microsoft product which means I can't download the driver from their website.  I'd like to take this moment to say I want an iMac.  I can't explain, well at least in words that are appropriate for public use, how much I dislike most Microsoft products.  The suck....I'll leave it at that.  I think the scary hairball monster stole the disc.  I'm gonna get ahold of a few techie friends to see if they can help me as a last resort.  Otherwise I'm putting the webcam on the shooting wall and working on my target shooting!!
Today hasn't fared very well either.  Wednesday mornings are dedicated for work at the camp.  I have the order I placed earlier in the week arriving and I have to meet with my favorite food rep to place an order from her company.  Not to mention the weekly staff meeting.   Normally, I'm in and out in a few hours but with the upcoming festival and subsequent HUGE order to deal with I ended up putting in a 6 hour day.  No school work was done, no laundry washed, no chore lists wonderfully checked off.  Nothing. 

I'm taking an hour to unwind mentally then will try and do something productive around here. A list would just be a waste of time today so I'm skipping it.  Maybe I'll make up for it by creating a longer list for tomorrow.  Or not!!!

totally unproductive......Deborah

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