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Sunday, September 25, 2011

90 days...11 hours...7 minutes and counting....

What am I counting down to??  Christmas, of course!!  The first day of fall came and went, the weather has cooled off, the ground is lightly littered with yellow and orange leaves and I'm in the Christmas mood!!  Does this mean I've decked my halls or strung festive lights off my gutters??  Uh, no.  I'm not that crazy.  I am however, rediscovering my love of sewing.  I enjoy making gifts for family at Christmas.  Now, don't get me wrong....a nice store bought gift that fulfills someone's wish list is usually what goes around here.  I just like to supplement with unexpected, homemade, love-filled gifts.

Problem is, I rarely can restrain myself into holding on to those early works until the special day.  Case and point: 

These flannel jammies were intended to be a nice extra under the tree.  You can see how easily I caved and gave them to littlest Oompa early!!!  "Uh,, Thanksgiving, Halloween, gah!!  Happy first day of fall...yeah, yeah that's it!! Happy first day of fall!"  Littlest Oompa just looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted horns.  Then he obligingly modeled them for this photo.  Isn't he cute???

The material is a amazingly soft flannel I picked up on sale for $2.99 a yard.  These snazzy, rocker jammies cost a total of $5.25 which includes the elastic for the waist.  Not a bad price even if you include my two hours of labor.  I used this Simplicity pattern which is great because it includes several sizes in one.

I will be able to use this pattern for many more years to come.  It's simple and the only modification I'll need to make in the future is a slightly larger neck opening.  Unfortunately, Little Oompa inherited my "big fat round Irish head".  Poor kid....if he ever goes bald he'll look like Charlie Brown!!!

I have several more pieces of flannel that I will use to make the girl Oompas some much needed jammies too. Do I have the will power to hold out till Chirstmas??  Probably not.  That just means I'll have to make several for for later!!

Happy  uh, first day of fall??

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