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Sunday, September 25, 2011

5 things...

I am a serial lurker over on and recently read and actually participated in a post titled "5 things". 

The idea was that if you posted, for the world to see, a 5 item long to-do list, you'd be more inclined to accomplish it.  It works, at least for me.  I didn't want to post a follow-up announcing my failure to the world.  I'm vain like that! 
I'll be the first to own up to my Super Woman complex and have at time set ridiculously high standards for myself.  I want to be a mix of Martha Stewart, P. Allen Smith, Rachel Ray, Dr. Oz and that freaky witch of a trainer from the Biggest Loser.  Um, can we say deluded??  I'm working on it.....really.  The biggest problem, for me at least, is when I fail at being all these amazing people wrapped into one, I get frustrated and shut down.  Thereby accomplishing nothing.  This would qualify as not a Good Thing.

That's kinda why the 5 things list appealed to me.  Accomplishing 5 things over the course of one day is easy.  
I'm gonna give it a try for the next week to see if I can actually be productive.

So...drum roll please....

My 5 things for Monday, in no particular order:
  • Work with Littlest Oompa on finishing his writing sample for school
  • Make a batch of crock pot apple butter
  • Wash and dry 1 load of laundry and fold the load that's sitting in a basket on the kitchen table
  • Run into work to inventory and place this week's food order (1 hour maximum)
  • Sweep and vacuum floors...there is a serious hairball growing in the bathroom that looking like at any moment it's gonna spring up and attack someone....seriously.  It's totally grody.  

I'll post an update tomorrow night...once I've kicked this list's hiney!!

Happy 5ing...Deborah

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