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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nit-picking while Nit picking, literally...

Nit-Picking(noun)-minute and usually unjustified criticism
Nit picking(verb)-act of removing nits from one's head

Today's post is not one I wanted to share but felt I needed to share.  We've had an uninvited guest into our house that is, although it shouldn't be, a source of embarrassment.   My youngest daughter, the middle Oompa Loompa was sent home from school on Monday with head lice.  Head Lice!!  Us.  Her.  Really??

I can rationalize that having lice doesn't mean you're dirty or unkempt but in the back of my head I keep telling myself that she got it because I'm not the housekeeper I should be.  Once your kid has it then people start popping out the woodwork with stories about when either they or their children had it too.  Having head lice carries a stigma and people aren't as open about their struggles until you've been afflicted.  I think that sucks but know that it probably won't change.  

We left the school and headed straight to the pharmacy for the shampoo.  It smells like death and the strong odor stung baby girl's eyes.  It's a little scary to be using pesticide on your kid's head but I wasn't taking any chances with an herbal remedy that may or may not work.  I want those little suckers gone for good!!  Our biggest obstacle in all this is the sheer amount of hair my girl has.  It's not long, not quite shoulder length, but man is it thick!  It took three and a half hours to comb through the first night and right at three the second day.

I had to drive her to school today and she was checked over my the school nurse before being allowed to return to classes.  I was actually excited to show off my nit picking skills to the nurse but was dismayed when she found a few nits I had missed.  There were only two that the nurse saw and if I promised to comb through her hair again tonight, middle Oompa was cleared to go back to class.

It's been a frustrating few days filled with laundry, tons of laundry, a good amount of tears and hair combing and a tinge of embarrassment.  Our course of action will have us repeat the bug spray shampoo in a few days and another thorough washing of all her bed linens.  I am thankful that neither of the other two Oompas, Mr. Awesome© or myself ended up with lice.  I threatened to cut all my hair off if I did and boy Oompa was not thrilled at the idea of having his head shaved!!  I think we're pest free or will be my tonight's nit picking session and I can rest assured that my house keeping skills are not to blame for this incident.  I will however make a concerted effort to vacuum more than once a week!!

Nit-pickingly yours.....Deborah

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