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Friday, January 06, 2012

Hello Rock and Hard Place.....We Meet Again!

Who else marks the beginning and ending of weeks based on payday?   Today, I am planning on heading out to take care of my weekly grocery shopping.  Normally, there is a nice, fat check direct deposited into our account during the wee hours of the morning.  Except this week.  The company Mr. Awesome© works for shut down production between Christmas and New Years.  Our dilemma is that Mr. Awesome©, despite his awesomeness, is only a contract employee.  A temp, if you will and not privy to the perks and bonuses that standard employees get.  Namely, paid vacation and holidays, sick days, and one of the best health insurance plans in the area. 

We knew it was coming and did our best to make sure there was money stashed in the savings account.  It was a challenge to save money during Christmas.  The desire to spend and buy gifts for each other to show our love and appreciation was great, but we managed all right.  Thankfully, there is only one bill that is set up for automatic withdrawal this week and aside from groceries, gas and Mr. Not So Awesome's cigarette habit, we should make it with only a small dent into the savings account. 

Financial stress has dogged us throughout our marriage.  I think back to our early days with relatively no debt and only one child and am disgusted with our spending habits.  Eating out, buying baby clothes and toys, weekly golf rounds and practice session at the range.  If only we knew then, what we know now.  The power of budgets and savings plans. Where was Dave Ramsey back then!!!  I just chalk it up to amazing lessons learned, albeit, the hard way.  Nevertheless, we made it through several lean years and I pray those days are behind us for good.  We're not rolling in cash now but needs are met and we've been able to squirrel away a few nuts.  Now, off to eat before I do my shopping.  I am not responsible for what ends up in my buggy when I'm hungry!!

Pinching Pennies.....Deborah 

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