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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks....

I forget sometimes that I have it good.  It's easily done these days.  We all get so wrapped up in the day-to-day, mundane aspects of life that we don't take the time to reflect on where we are and what it took to get there.  The journey is often a front runner in our minds when we're struggling uphill but once we hit that plateau it slips to the back, out of out the line of sight.  As you well know...out of sight, out of mind.

My journey was brought to mind today when I learned that my brother-in-law (Mr. Awesome's youngest brother) was facing a tough time in his marriage.  His wife of 7 years has asked for a divorce.  It breaks my heart to see them both suffering.  We're not as close with them as I would have hoped or liked us to be.  There were and are several differences between us and them that have gotten in the way of a really close relationship.  We're considerably older than they are, have a much different interpretation of God's word, and we live an entirely foreign lifestyle to what they know and are comfortable with.  These past few, heart-wrenching weeks have brought us closer to his brother and we were able to enjoy some time with their children too.

It's also reminded me that while I don't have all of the "stuff" I want, I don't take exciting vacations, I can't fit into a size 4 and I'll never make it on American Idol.....I am blessed.  My cupboards are full, I have a house that's warm and bright, my children are healthy and when  life gets scary, I have someone's hand to hold while we walk thru the valley.

Gratefully Yours........Deborah 

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