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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Society Needs a Wake-Up Call.....

I recently saw a front page, headline stunner..............Kim K was filing for divorce.  Really?  Really?? 

How, or should I say WHY, is this news??  The economy is in great despair, we still have troops deployed in foreign countries where they have no business being,  joblessness and homelessness are on the steady rise, we're headed into an election with candidates who have nothing but their agendas on the brain, protesters are voicing their disgust on Wall Street, chemicals are being sprayed overhead creating toxic soil and our country is being sold out from under us. Despite all of these news worthy headlines,  folks are gloaming on to this half-wit socialite who's only "somebody" because her daddy was rich, momma married an Olympic star, and she made one hell of a sex tape.

I can hear the argument now....."we need something to take our minds off the bleakness of our current situation."  I wholeheartedly agree. However, there are thousands of other, heartwarming, mood-lifting stories taking place around the country to be reported on.  Stories of people doing good and making the lives of those around them better.  People acting like decent, moral, giving, upstanding human beings. I for one, don't find solace in watching uber rich people who lack the common sense God gave a squirrel, blowing millions of dollars on a spectacle of a wedding for the sole purpose of showing off how much money they have to spend and how important they think they are to the world.  Throw in marrying a person you hardly know and you get one, or in this case, a whole family of truly ignorant, vapid souls.

I pulled out my trusty abacus and did a little ciphering.....for 10 Million dollars:
  • you could feed 1538 families for 1 year
  • you could save 80 homes in foreclosure
  • you could run 20 homeless shelters for 1 year
  • you could run 35 animal shelters for 1 year
  • you could invest in several small businesses which would hire jobless folks and stimulate the economy 
  • you could pay for 120 children to receive 30 days outpatient treatment at St. Jude Research Hospital
 I'm sure there are thousands of other worthy causes who would have benefited from a 10 million dollar donation and I know there are thousands of people in the world who would have benefited from never hearing about Kim K and her her useless clan. 

Disgusted at society.....Deborah

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