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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Things we do for Love...

Today is Mr. Awesome and my 12th wedding anniversary.  Google tells me that a traditional 12th anniversary gift is one made of either silk or linen.  Thankfully, I'm not a traditional kinda girl!!  I have been thinking back lately over the past 12 years....well really 15 years, that I've known Mr. Awesome.  Some of those years have been rough, of those rough ones a few were nasty but on the whole....we've been lucky. 

We've been fortunate to raise 3 healthy, loving, non-psychopathic children.  We've been able to purchase a house and even save it from foreclosure.  We've loved, laughed, yelled and cried.  We've flung insults, pillows and the occasional piece of food.  Kinda makes it sound like a frat party!! 

I couldn't ask for a better husband and father to the Oompas.  I have made it my mission to fulfill one of his biggest dreams this year.  To join a band.  Mr. Awesome's brother is in a band and they want him to join.  Problem is, he doesn't have a guitar of his own.  He's been playing our 8 year old's mini-Strat guitar!!  I've decided to make that my mission.  I'm taking inventory of all unnecessary things in my house that have any value and putting them up for sale.  I've even reached out to perfect strangers via Ebay in an attempt to raise money for this venture!! 

This past year was one of those nasty, rough ones I mentioned.  We did a lot of things we wished we hadn't had to do just to keep the family afloat.  We sacrificed, scrimped and humbled ourselves more than I thought possible.  It's time to show Mr. Awesome that it was appreciated!!  

Oh, the things we do for Love!!!!

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