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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Boys are Grody...Part II

Boy Oopma is a strange creature.  May I present my first piece of evidence.

As if camo boy wasn't odd enough, he's currently learning about Vikings and has taken to wearing a "coyote" fur vest, coon skin cap and seen going A-Viking.  He's turned their playset into a viking longship and was recently kicked off  by his mutinous crew members. I'll say it again, the kid's weird!!  It seems too, that he's embracing the viking culture in other ways.  Hollywood romanticizes the Middle Ages, but I'm betting money those people stank.  My little guy sure does!!

This is after his shower.  He then proceeded to wash them off in the sink.  Grody.

signed, Deborah the Red......Viking Warrior

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