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Monday, April 18, 2011

Unlucky Day...

Sunday's are supposed to be a day of rest.  A day spent in worship and to recharge our internal batteries for the upcoming work week.
Nooooo, not for me. This past Sunday was a most unlucky and stressful day...

It begins with an unruly 8 year old boy, refusing to get his sad, sorry, stayed up too late the night before watching movies, butt outta bed.  Needless to say he fiddle-farted (one of my Mom's amazing words) around and dawdled any chance he could.  I found him in his bedroom just sitting on the bed looking at his clothes like he was trying to use Jedi mind tricks to get them on.  The Force is NOT strong with this one.  Needless to say we were late getting out the door and seeing as we needed to arrive at church a whole half-hour earlier than usual for the kids to have a final rehearsal of their dance number, I was a little more stressed than normal.
Sad too, I was hoping to stop for an eye-opening cappuccino.

I barreled onto the freeway and was grateful traffic was flowing around 70 mile per hour.   Or was until I saw the two state troopers sitting in the median.  I, like everyone else backed my speed down to 65 and kept on going.  I watched in my rear view mirror and didn't see either car pull out with lights flashing so I figured I was safe.  After all there were other cars who were cruising faster then me when we drove by.   My luck had just run out.  About a mile down the road I see the cruisers (notice I used the plural) approaching fast in my lane so I get over into the slow lane.  So did the troopers, then the enevitable happened, they turned on their lights.

This was a new experience for me.  In all my 18 years of driving, I have only been pulled over once.  7 years ago and I had back-up in the form of Mr. Awesome and 2 friends in the car with me.  This time, I was alone, save the Oompas and what experience did they have talking their way out of a ticket??  Thankfully, the trooper was very kind and informed me that I didn't have a  front license plate.  After a little looking around we found it on the floor of the car and I was sent on my way with a warning to get it on the front bumper by the end of the day.  Whew!!  I felt like a hardened criminal with both of the cruisers sitting behind me, lights flashing and all the officer's shiny patent leather gleaming in the morning sun.  I was sure I'd be calling my in-laws to come bail me outta jail!!

We made it to church only 10 minutes late.  Hallelujah!!  Worst part of the day over!!

Yeah, not quite.

Kids were surly and nasty the entire drive home after church.  Mother Nature was definitely PMSing and throwing 30 mile an hour winds at us.  My house was a mess and my plans of working in the garden gone.  So, I did the grown-up thing and took a nap!!  Mr. Awesome woke me with promises of finishing the new chicken tractor and fixing that pesky license plate issue so I willingly hopped in the car and ran into town to the hardware store to pick up supplies.  But not before we were pulled over, again!!
This time it was a wet behind the ears, rookie cop, serving and protecting here in Podunk, OH.  He informed us, again, that there was no front license plate and after explaining that I had already been warned about it  and that we were on a mission to the store to pick up parts to remedy the situation, we set off again with another warning and comment that it just wasn't my lucky day.

Thanks Officer, ya think so??

....a tale of warning from your law-breaking friend

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