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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Spring is the season for birth and new growth and well, friskiness!!  At the camp where I work as a cook, the majority of the staff are college-aged kids.  Well, I guess technically, they're adults but to me in my advanced stage of life they're kids.  We recently had a new hire appear on the scene, a 24 year old Army reserve kid who has the girls all a twitter!  Love, or more appropriately, Lust is in the air.  The past two weeks I have been witness to all kinds of eyelash batting, giggling and have been forced to watch otherwise strong, independent girls act all......girlie.  Blech!!

I'll be so happy when the new kid's novelty wears off and the hormonal fog that's hovering dissipates.  I'm gagging on estrogen and pheromones.  I know I acted like that when I was a mere pup and in the courting stages with Mr. Awesome©.  I can say with authority that I am thankful that part of my life is behind me.  Yes, it was exciting during the "getting to know me" stage but as I watch these girls preen and fluff their feathers I am reminded of how utterly exhausting it was too.  I enjoy the level of comfort Mr. Awesome© and I have attained.  Over the past 16 years I've stopped wearing makeup everyday and putting on a skirt requires an event.  Mr. Awesome© hasn't worn cologne in years except for a handful of special occasions and the only flowers I get anymore are on Mother's Day in the form potted plants.  But I still wouldn't change it or have any desire to relive those days.  

Case and point:
I came home from work the other night and was recounting a few of their antics to Mr. Awesome© while we both typed away at our computers and were supervising the kids' evening chores and were generally busy taking care of the necessary tasks at hand.    I looked down at the desk to find that while we were talking, he had pulled all the red Spree candies from the package he was eating and set them out for me....he knows they are my favorite.  Sure am glad I twittered and fluffed my feathers!  I guess stand watching the girls do the same, after all, they're just looking for their own Mr. Awesome©.

.....twittering and preening, Deborah 

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