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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday..........Where For Art Thou???

Come on Monday!!  Yes, you heard me.  I am cheering for Monday to make it's often dreaded reappearance.  I'm exhausted.  This weekend has been three days of non-stop going and doing and yes, my weekend started on Friday.  It's how I roll. 

We declared Friday a "mental health day" for the oldest Oompa and she and I headed off early to town to meet with the orthodontist.  About a month ago, I took her in for the initial consultation which included x-rays and impressions.  They called to schedule a consult meeting to go over the game plan and what a plan!  Poor kid inherited my bad genetics on that front.   As luck (good or bad to be determined later) would have it, there was a lull in their schedule, so they went ahead and put on the upper brackets and wires.
My poor baby

We followed up with weekly grocery shopping which entailed three stores.  One of which was sold out of a sale item.  I hate that.  I really do.  While I understand the view point of the hoarders preppers, these people need to understand that having 216 bottles of shampoo isn't going to save them from the zombies.  In fact, zombies prefer clean smelling victims.  That's why, when the time comes, I'll bathe in skunk oil.  I digress.  I squeezed in a little laundry too. 

The highlight of the day was these little buggers....I love me some fuzzy butts!!! The dark ones are Silver Lace Wyandotte and the blond one is a Golden Comet.  The Wyandottes, are Middle Oompa's 4-H project.  I picked up the Golden Comet for boy Oompa.  He has a terrible streak of losing his hens to predators.  I named this one Gloria, as in Gaynor and we're all prayin' that she'll Survive!!!

Skipping to Saturday.  I worked an 8 hour shift and fed 100 people breakfast and dinner.  I was also able to refine the schedule for the next few weeks, plan 2 menus and write up my order.  That will actually save me a little time this week, I can order from home on Monday instead of going into the camp.  Smart huh??  Yeah, I know...I am amazing.  Thanks for noticing!!  When I got home Mr. Awesome© was finishing up work on the car.  I count this as work I accomplished.  Do you know how many hours of relentless nagging I had to put into that car?  It was exhausting I tell ya!!  The rest of the day was occupied with target shooting, a trip to my favorite home improvement store and the ever important ordering of pizza. 

Sunday was the real test of my endurance.  I decided to not look this gift weather in the mouth, whatever that goofy saying means, and get my hiney and the hineys of my people, outside and working on the yard and garden.  Limbs were trimmed, flower beds raked, and debris was picked up.  My burn pile is looking a little on the large side and the next non-windy day I'll plant myself out there and get it knocked out.  Mr. Awesome© took to the vegetable garden with our new 50,000 BTU torch.  I love this thing.  It is one of the best tools we've ever owned.  Seriously.  Boy Oompa kept calling it a flame thrower!!  

It made short work of what would have been an otherwise daunting and back-breaking, ball-busting chore.  And let's face it, burning stuff is fun.  I had an internal dialogue of Bevis and Butthead running through my mind the entire time.  The garden will be ready in a few weeks for these little babies.........

I tried to cap the evening off with a little cajun chicken on the grill but a nasty pop-up thunder storm got in my way.  George Foreman came to my rescue and we ate like kings.  Oldest Oompa and I even mastered homemade jambalaya.  Suck it Emeril!!  Bam!!

Overall, a productive, family togetherness, gorgeous weekend.  I even picked up these lovely muck boots at the feed store!!  Mr. Awesome© hates them, actively.  I think they're only one step above fugly but the fact that it raises his hackles is so funny that I pretend to love them!!  It's the little things.

I'm looking ahead to a peaceful, quiet evening of reading before I crash into bed.  My body isn't used to all this fresh air and vigorous exercise!!! 
I bid you all a good night and in the words of the Man in Black, "Sleep well and dream of large women".


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