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Friday, September 13, 2013

63 more school days till Christmas break...

Not that I'm counting or anything because I totally, absolutely lluuurrvvee school.  Like really.  Totally.

As part of my Intro. to Management class we have to take many assessments of our personality and overall characteristics.  How productive are you?  How well do you manage your time?  How well do you interact in a group setting?  I didn't do so well on this last one.  It used the words "tyrannical" and "overbearing".   Me?  Never!!!

Well gee, let's analyze that for a minute, shall we?  For the past 12 years I've been managing a group of children.  I love them dearly but my particular Oompa-Loompas are not upper echelon.  They have the attention spans of gnats on speed.  They make a houseful of drunken frat boys seem clean.  They move like snails when we're already 10 minutes late but act like Tazmanian Devils hopped up on crack when I'm trying to relax with a box glass of wine.  Realistically, the only option I had was to be a tyrant!!
My vernacular is full of phrases like, "suck it up", "there's no crying in baseball", or my favorite for when they got a cut or scrape, "oh, rub some dirt in it."  Apparently, these comments to not translate well into the workplace.  Apparently, I need to learn to talk in a non-Drill Sargent voice and demanding my subordinates "get their heads out of their asses and get to work".  Hmmm, this should prove interesting.

On the bright side, I've answered a long standing question from almost every high school algebra student.  I've seen the practical application of algebra!!  Hallelujah!!

Portion =Base x Rate, List Price=Net Price/Complement of Trade Discount Rate, Single Equivalent Discount Rate x List Price =Trade Discount Amount!!!
Yea...I'm bad ass like that.

Smell ya later...

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