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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unexpected Visitor...

Living where we do, on a gravel road surrounded by hundreds of acres of crop land, folks often mistake our property for the Home for Wayward Animals.  Or, as in some instances, Home for Unwed Pregnant Kitties!!  We've seen a dozen or so cats and dogs abandoned along our stretch of road over the past few years.  It has ranged from Carl the massive Great Dane/hound mix to Bart and Lisa the pair of young, sibling kitties, all whom have arrived unannounced, unexpected and unfortunately, unwanted.

It has been a few months since we've seen any wayward creatures so today was perfect timing for this fella:

Meet Leroy.  Leroy was discovered hanging out under my apple trees today.  He's missing all the feathers from his lower chest and his bottom is covered in poo.  It's sad that someone let him get like this and instead of finding a humane way to end his suffering they decided to drop him off at my house, leaving him open to attack by various varmints including my two dogs.  He's currently in a quarantine cage while we decide his fate.

I can honestly say I expect folks to drop off unwanted dogs and cats but a rooster???  This one I never saw coming!!!

signing off....The Home for Wayward Roosters

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