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Friday, December 30, 2011

Come on 2012!!!

Well, I survived the 2011 Christmas season.  I feel horribly guilty that I didn't enjoy the holiday and the time with family like I wanted.  I just didn't feel it.  I wanted to...really I did.  I watched Christmas movies, listened to Christmas music and replied with a very hearty, "Merry Christmas" to everyone who wished me a, Happy Holidays."  Yet, it never came. 

I even witnessed a Christmas miracle!  My family gathered at my brother and sister-in-law's house on Christmas Eve to be merry and exchange gifts.  For the first time, well, ever, my Dad and Step-dad were there at the same time.  Most of you won't get the significance of this but it's truly a miracle for our family.  There has been some serious animosity going on for the past 31 years!!  On a smaller scale, I was able to spend several hours in the company of my sister and we got along famously!!  No tension, no mumbling under our breath about each other, no drama.  

Santa was good to us as well.  Kids were ecstatic about their gioodies, Mr. Awesome© surprised me with a gift I've been wanting for several years.  Yet the Christmas spirit was elusive.  Maybe it was the warmer weather and lack of snow.  Maybe it was residual stress from a really crappy 2011.  Maybe my chakras were out of alignment!!  Who knows?  All I can say is that I'm looking to out it behind me and embrace 2012 with open arms. 

I'm resisting the urge to make flighty resolutions that I know I won't keep past January 15th.  I know I need to lose weight and eat healthy.  I know I need to get out of debt and reduce clutter in my home.  I look at these as works in progress and have set a deadline of my 65th birthday to have them all checked off my to-do list!!  Don't want to pressure myself.  All I resolve to accomplish this year is to relax and enjoy my life, my family and to try my best to not take for granted what God has blessed me with. 

See ya next year!!!

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