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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time Flies.....

I would have finished that with, "when you're having fun",  but it hasn't exactly been all fun lately.  I preface this whining with the admission that I was warned.  K, my former boss, warned me that taking over as manager would come with headaches, frustration, a ton more hours and lots, I mean lots of phone calls and texts.  I heard her but it really didn't sink in.  You see, I have this deluded notion that I am Super Woman.   I get wild ideas that I can perfectly juggle as many roles as I want and it'll never come crashing down on my head!  I can be a dedicated homeschooling teacher, a gardener extraordinaire, an immaculate housekeeper, a devoted wife and mother and the most efficient food service manager.  To quote Dr. Phil, "How's that workin' for ya?".

Well Dr.'s not.  You see I learned this week that I don't have super powers.  Shocking right!!  Maybe if I get me a pair of them snazzy gold boots everything will work itself out.  No?  Oh, you think I shouldn't bite off more than I can chew.  What about a cape?  Capes ooze super powers.  No? Really?  You think I need to relax.  Well, well,'re a dumbass. 

I just completed my first full week as the manager and have never been so exhausted or frustrated.  Making the transition has been a little lot harder than I anticipated.  I'm a whiz at planning a menu and chopping for food for my family but making sure I don't run out of food for 100 ravenous campers is daunting.  I know that aspect will come in time but I've already had to make 2 runs to the local market to get extra items we've run out of.

The worst part for me is the actual manager role.  I am responsible for what comes out of the kitchen even when I'm not there.  I have 4 employees that I have to lead and encourage and at time correct.  Being a bit on the callous side I have caught myself several times from making harsh (yet correct) comments on their behavior and work ethics.  For those of you who ever watched That 70's Show,  I'm channeling Red Foreman.  Everyone's a "dumbass".  I know I lack a sensitivity in that department and am making it my goal to be more sensitive to my staff when they need help or have questions. 

It's all so exhausting.  I can't just leave after my shift...there's administrative work to be done.  I have gone in early almost every day to work on menus or ordering.  The only thing that's getting me thru is the knowledge that we only have 4 more weeks of camp left!!  It should slow down a little in September and October which will give me time to settle in properly.  Until then, I'll be curbing the urge to call everyone a dumbass and praying for happy hour!!

Because it's 5 o'clock somewhere....Super Woman

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