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Thursday, December 16, 2010

My new name is Elastigirl....

I've been stretched so much these past few weeks I am donning myself Elastigirl!!! While I'm good at putting on a show to the world, saying the right things, smiling at the right moments, I've been a wreck inside. With Michael's job loss and the overwhelming lack of new potential out there at the moment we've been struggling, really struggling.

Months before all of this we'd been working with our bank on a home modification and like all big business...kept getting the run-around. Lost paperwork, misplaced documents and one out right screw-up of we shredded your paperwork by mistake!! It had gotten to the point that we were scheduled for mediation at the courthouse on Tuesday at 3pm. Monday afternoon I made one last hail Mary attempt to resolve the situation and again received the run around about the bank needing the same paperwork they already had, yet again.

Defeated and just plain sad, I told the gentleman on the phone that I appreciated his help but that time had run out for us. I wished him a very Merry Christmas and hung up the phone. Fast forward to Tuesday morning when I receive a call for the above mentioned gentleman now dubbed Hero!! He hand delivered our paperwork to the authorization department and we were approved. All they needed was a copy of 3 pages with a current date and signature. Done and done! Our last hurdle was a phone call to come in sometime that day from the Trial Plan department with the specifics on our new payment.

I'm going to pause in this story to remind you all of something I'd forgotten while wrapped up in the angst of all of this. God is NEVER late and rarely early. Easy to forget when your stomach is in knots and you often sneak off to the bathroom in the middle of the day to cry. I know many families are in this exact same position. Jobless, facing foreclosure and being forsaken by the banks for a buck. It makes it all the worse when you learn the housing crisis was a planned, calculated event. I digress...

Okay, now where was I? Oh yeah...Tuesday at 1:48pm, I received the call from the bank with our official approval. Trial plan runs from January to March, payments reduced by $300, interest rate lowered to a whopping 2.25% and our pay-off date didn't change. 1 hour and 12 minutes to spare. Mediation was canceled and the foreclosure process stopped. God is NEVER late and rarely early.

I know there are still hurdles to overcome in this mess. Michael still needs to find a job but now that the depression and fear of being homeless is off his shoulders he is attacking that obstacle with full force. We're not free and clear just yet but I know with this renewal of faith and sheer determination to make sure this blessing is not wasted, we'll make it.

"...with God, all things are possible." Mathew 19:26


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