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Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Day for Antiseptic Cleaner....on the Cheap

If you're a mom you've no doubt had a day, or in many cases a string of days, where you do nothing except clean up nasty, stinky bodily fluids that have been expelled by small children with great force, covering some pretty impressive distances.  Today was one of those days my friends and the worst part was that two of the three exploding children weren't even mine.  Oh, the joys of babysitting *snort*.  

So thankful I've discovered a way to make disinfecting wipes (similar to Clorox but better) on the cheap.
Mix 1 cup water, 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 2 TBSP ammonia and 1 TBSP Dawn dish soap; pour over wipes in container and presto.....disinfecting towels!!
 I repurposed an Oxi-Clean tub to hold my "wipes" which consist of a really old towels I cut into pieces.  Fancy huh??? 
I did a little research and every recipe called for only Dawn soap with the reasoning that other soaps had bleach in them and we all know how dangerous it is to mix ammonia and bleach.  I'll admit my first batch was made with Palmolive because I didn't have Dawn, but I read the label carefully.  No one died or passed out so I think it worked.  All original formulas I found called for 2 TBSP of dish soap which I felt was too soapy so I cut it back but that's more a personal preference than one that affects the effectiveness of the wipes. Sorry...grammar fun!!!

Happy Disinfecting Everyone....................Deborah

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