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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Whoa!! Was that an Earthquake??

I'm sure many of you were wondering what caused the ground to shake so violently on Sunday evening. It felt like the Earth was thrown off orbit and was being hurled out in to the galaxy. Was it an asteroid slamming into the Earth? An earthquake? Had the end time prophecy arrived? No my friend, it wasn't any of those. However, it was an occurrence as rare as all the above happening simultaneously with Woody Allen making People magazine's Most Beautiful list. Be prepared to be shocked and amazed at the actual answer. Drum roll please................My husband washed dishes!!!!

Once I recovered from the shock I was able to sneak up on this elusive creature and snap a few photos. This beast from the rare species of dishes washes husbandi is normally found deep in the wilds of GarageLand hiding amongst the tool chests and car parts. This particular specimen had been tagged years before and records indicate that at one point, many years ago, he was often found in KitchenLand assisting is mate the tiredous wifeous. Crikey, that's a beautiful beast! For this species to expose itself in an environment completely free of potential hiding spots is a rare sight indeed. Scientist are hopefully with extensive training and possible shock treatment he will once again be able to assist his mate.

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